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Yamaha: Creating the Difference

Either you have an engine or you don't go out to the sea. All our boats have been powered since 1994 by Yamaha outboard engines. Yamaha's knowledge of two-stroke technology led to the company's diversification into the outboard market in 1960. Today they are the leaders in the world market thanks to their spirit of challenge and improvement, which guarantees that all their products are the result of the latest technology and constant innovation.

XF425Extreme - Go beyond the next level
XF375Tons of Thrust and Technology
F300 NCBThe ultimate V6 powerhouse for heading offshore
F250DFor when your offshore adventures demand V6 power
F225FExciting V6 power for your offshore adventures
F200F/GA great way to enjoy Straight-Four performance
V MAX SHO 175Extending the boundaries
F175A/CChoose Drive-by-Wire - it's the smooth new option
V MAX SHO 150Extending the boundaries
F150D/GA whole new level of smoothness and performance
F130ADelivering the best power-to-weight in the class
VMAX SHO 115Extending the boundaries
F115BDelivering the best power-to-weight in the class
F100FLighter Weight. Potent Power.Vivid acceleration.
V MAX SHO 90A light heavyweight
F80DNow it's lighter, quieter and even more powerful
F70AAlways work or play with a powerful partner
FT60GOur champion High-Thrust workhorse
F60FMaximum enjoyment. Minimum emissions.
FT50JHarness a real High-Thrust workhorse
F50HMaximum enjoyment. Minimum emissions
F40FWith the F40, your peace of mind comes as standard
F30BWith the F30, your peace of mind comes as standard
FT25FHigh-Thrust workhorse
F25GMeet our new portable. Even lighter. Even tougher.
F20GSmall-engine convenience, big-engine performance
F20BSmall-engine convenience, big-engine performance
F15CSmall-engine convenience, big-engine performance
FT9.9LHarness one of our High-Thrust workhorses
F9.9JOur lightweight heavyweight - real portable power
F8Our lightweight heavyweight - real portable power
F6CEasy-to-carry - and so easy to enjoy
F5AEasy-to-carry - and so easy to enjoy
F4BEasy-to-carry - and so easy to enjoy
F2.5BJust pick it up and go - it's your portable power

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