¿Buscas material de buceo en Ibiza?

¿Buscas material de buceo en Ibiza?

Diving, spearfishing, freediving, snorkeling. At Ereso we have all the equipment you need to practice underwater sports safely and comfortably.

It is always important to use the best material in the water. However, it is vital to do so underwater.

As well as always being accompanied and being introduced to diving by professional instructors, choosing the best sports equipment is essential.

At Ereso we offer Cressi and Mares product ranges, two of the specialist brands in diving, freediving and snorkeling and spearfishing equipment, with which you can set off to discover the underwater world of Ibiza in complete safety. Two brands whose products are constantly evolving and which incorporate technological innovation.

What can you find in our shop in Ibiza?

>Monopiece wetsuits, modular wetsuits, two-piece wetsuits.

>Control equipment and electronics: high-precision consoles, pressure gauges, dive computers, regulators, lanterns.

>Accesories: Waterproof cases, weights, knives.

>BCD Jackets.

>Fins, diving masks, snorkels and scuba tanks.

Estos son algunos de los errores más comunes cuando te indicas en el buceo:

1- Inadequate ballast: It is important to carry the right ballast, so you need to do a proper Buoyancy Check on the surface. If you carry a weight that does not correspond to your weight, you will use more air and become more tired, or you may have an uncontrolled ascent.

2-When you start in underwater sports, you have to measure well the experience and the environment. Most problems occur when the diver is not prepared or does not have the right equipment. Take the necessary diving courses and dives before increasing your diving level in the sea.

3- Always go with your buddy and have good communication with him/her: Review the signals on the surface and agree on a way to proceed in case you get separated during the dive.

4- Not paying attention to air consumption: Divers should know how much air they have left without looking at the pressure gauge. Always keep an eye on this device and always carry it in the best conditions.

5- Master the Jacket to perfect buoyancy. Out of the water diving equipment is heavy and uncomfortable, but you must learn to control your buoyancy. Dive slowly, take regular deep breaths and stand still every few fins to check that you are not rising or falling. Remember to inflate your jacket when your lungs are full and deflate it when your lungs are empty.

6- Compensate properly and don't wait for pain or pressure to compensate. Respect the ascent rate at all times, and respect the decompression tables.

At Ereso we are specialists and we will advise you on all the equipment you need for your underwater sport. Our team can recommend any type of diving product. If you don't find what you need, ask us.