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¿Buscas material de buceo en Ibiza?

¿Buscas material de buceo en Ibiza?

Diving, spearfishing, freediving, snorkeling. At Ereso we have all the equipment you need to practice underwater sports safely and comfortably.

It is always important to use the best material in the water. However, it is vital to do so underwater.

As well as always being accompanied and being introduced to diving by professional instructors, choosing the best sports equipment is essential.

At Ereso we offer Cressi and Mares product ranges, two of the specialist brands in diving, freediving and snorkeling and spearfishing equipment, with which you can set off to discover the underwater world of Ibiza in complete safety. Two brands whose products are constantly evolving and which incorporate technological innovation.

What can you find in our shop in Ibiza?

>Monopiece wetsuits, modular wetsuits, two-piece wetsuits.

>Control equipment and electronics: high-precision consoles, pressure gauges, dive computers, regulators, lanterns.

>Accesories: Waterproof cases, weights, knives.

>BCD Jackets.

>Fins, diving masks, snorkels and scuba tanks.

Estos son algunos de los errores más comunes cuando te indicas en el buceo:

1- Inadequate ballast: It is important to carry the right ballast, so you need to do a proper Buoyancy Check on the surface. If you carry a weight that does not correspond to your weight, you will use more air and become more tired, or you may have an uncontrolled ascent.

2-When you start in underwater sports, you have to measure well the experience and the environment. Most problems occur when the diver is not prepared or does not have the right equipment. Take the necessary diving courses and dives before increasing your diving level in the sea.

3- Always go with your buddy and have good communication with him/her: Review the signals on the surface and agree on a way to proceed in case you get separated during the dive.

4- Not paying attention to air consumption: Divers should know how much air they have left without looking at the pressure gauge. Always keep an eye on this device and always carry it in the best conditions.

5- Master the Jacket to perfect buoyancy. Out of the water diving equipment is heavy and uncomfortable, but you must learn to control your buoyancy. Dive slowly, take regular deep breaths and stand still every few fins to check that you are not rising or falling. Remember to inflate your jacket when your lungs are full and deflate it when your lungs are empty.

6- Compensate properly and don't wait for pain or pressure to compensate. Respect the ascent rate at all times, and respect the decompression tables.

At Ereso we are specialists and we will advise you on all the equipment you need for your underwater sport. Our team can recommend any type of diving product. If you don't find what you need, ask us.

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FLITE Series 2: the water sports revolution.

FLITE Series 2: the water sports revolution.

It's here to revolutionise water sports. "Fliteboarding is like flying, we created it to feel the freedom," says Flite founder David Trewern.

David Trewern is a former world record holder in kitesurfing. So when he started thinking about a revolutionary product, he had to have it all. And he created a hydrofoil with an electric motor, silent, electric and environmentally friendly, that could glide over the surface of the sea: the Fliteboard is here to conquer our beaches.

The Fliteboard is an electric board with a platform that allows you to ride on it and have the sensation of flying over the water, because you float about 70 cm above the water. It has two batteries that last 90 minutes without recharging, a Bluetooth-controlled cruising speed and interchangeable underwater wings to create different riding styles.

Three years after its first launch, Flite is doubling down with the Series 2, which refines the board's design to make it quicker and easier for you to start your flight on the water, or push the limits if you're an experienced athlete.

¿What's improved with Series 2?

>Wireless connectivity has been optimised.

>The handles, latches and canopy grips have been improved.

>Flite have created a low-power controller and an improved charger.

>Low power management has been improved

>New colours and finishes have been added

>Lighting lights are now integrated into the dashboard

>Gps module is improved

>The propeller is now easier to fit and remove

>Aerodynamic improvements

>In addition, Flite has improved battery life and updated the firmware.

The new Series 2 has received numerous awards around the world, including the Red Dot International "Best of the Best" design award and was named "Innovation of the Year" at the Australia by Design competition in 2020.

What are the different models in the Series 2?


The iconic Fliteboard is number 1 in sales. Ideal for beginners, it is the perfect board to share with friends because it quickly adjusts to the athlete. Turn the sea into your personal playground.


With superior responsiveness, the Pro is designed especially for lighter riders with previous board sports experience. Smaller, it is the board for surfers who want to experiment a step further and play dance on the water at high speeds.


Ultra is the world's smallest and most advanced hydrofoil surfboard, the machine that will make you burn adrenaline and release stress. At just 1.2 metres, the reduced swing weight allows you to push your limits.


The lightest, most compact, easy to transport, resistant and suitable for sharing with family and friends: the AIR, 15 cm smaller than the previous one, is a motorised family board, a great addition to any boat.

Available at Ereso!

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Diving equipment in Ibiza

Diving equipment in Ibiza

Ibiza is a paradise for diving. Its visibility is exceptional, with an average of 30 metres, partly thanks to the posidonia meadows that renew the sea's oxygen, guaranteeing one of the clearest waters in the whole of the Mediterranean. In addition, the water temperature is always between 14 ºC in winter and 26 ºC in summer, which allows diving all year round.

Come to Náutica Ereso and equip yourself from head to toe for your safe dives.

Cressi and Mares are two of the two most prestigious brands in the world of diving. Cressi has been manufacturing top of the range, high quality materials since 1946, to make diving a safe and unforgettable experience. Mares was created by Ludovico Mares, and was the first company in 1973 to manufacture fins made of two materials, creating a technopolymer blade of its own manufacture and a soother moulded in rubber. Two reference brands in the world of diving, which star in our diving section.

This is the basic material you need for safe diving.


Necessary for good thermal insulation and to be able to dive at any time of the year, as the body loses heat much faster in water than in air (up to 25 times faster). An excessively low body temperature in the water can be dangerous, so good protection is key. At Ereso we have Cressi and Mares wetsuits in different thicknesses (from 2mm to 7mm).

Diving mask

Egidio and Nanni Cressi began making their own diving masks and spearguns so they could dive close to home. By 1946, their designs and products had become so popular that they founded the Cressi company in Genoa, Italy. Since they created the famous Pinochio mask in 1952, Cressi has been the benchmark for innovation and materials in diving masks, which we receive promptly at Ereso.

BCD jacket

Your BCD is an essential piece of equipment, as well as being the link between the other components, your safety and comfort underwater depend to a large extent on it.


Unlike swimmers, divers, snorkellers and freedivers do not use their arms for propulsion. Hence the importance of fins. But not all fins are the same: depending on the type of diving and the type of diver, you have to choose different fins.

The right fins can make a dive fun and easy or difficult and exhausting. Today, the vast majority of recreational fins are made from a combination of different technopolymers, such as polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). These materials are very strong and perform better than rubber.


The regulator is possibly the most important part of your equipment, as it connects to the scuba tank and is used for breathing underwater. In addition the regulator has more functions. A complete regulator consists of a first stage, a second stage, an alternate second stage (ALV), also known as an octopus, and a dive console. The dive console includes a depth gauge and a pressure gauge (manometer) and eventually a dive computer and a compass.

The depth and water temperature will determine which regulator is the most suitable to use. Come and ask us at Ereso and we will advise you on the most suitable regulator for you.


The scuba cylinders carry compressed air between 200 and 300 bar, with a common amount of between 10 to 15 litres depending on the dive time. They are connected to a regulator and a pressure gauge to check the amount of air remaining in the container. Like all other diving equipment, they should be checked every three years and visually inspected every year. Are yours up to date?


Dive lights are important if you are going to dive deep, in caves or on night dives. It is a safety feature, as well as allowing you to enjoy every detail underwater.

Accessories: Knives, belts and weights.

There is no superfluous accessory in diving. Make sure you have quality equipment, and enjoy yourself under the sea.

Remember: don't skimp on good underwater gear. There's no fun diving if it's not safe diving.

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