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New Zodiac Mini Open

New Zodiac Mini Open

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: the smallest of the Zodiac Open range. Handy, versatile and extremely safe. At an irresistible mini price.

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: Zodiac's new MiniOpen range offers you everything that's good about Zodiac, with more affordable and manageable models. Perfect as a dinghy, but also for outings, fishing or for use as a support tender for water sports.

These are the 3.1, 3.4, 4.2 and 4.8 models, the new Zodiac water toys, easy to tow, store and manoeuvre in the water. A real Zodiac at a Mini price.

What makes them interesting?

• Large fuel tank: you can make long journeys, without suffering from running low on fuel.

• Minimum 4 seats: small but spacious.

• Sporty look: with sporty design and up to date accessories.

• Easy to store: You won't have trouble finding a place to keep it ready for towing.

• Easy to tow: you don't need a big vehicle to move it.

• Available in PVC or Neoprene: you can choose between two varieties, depending on your tastes or needs.

OPEN 3.1

The Zodiac Open 3.1 is the smallest of the range, a very compact RIB with capacity for up to 4 people. With a 2-seater rear bench, side seat and front cushion and plenty of stowage space.

3,10 m - Length

1,65 m - Width

24 l - Fuel Tank

4 - Pax

25 CV - Maximum Power

135 kg - Weight

OPEN 3.4

The Zodiac Open 3.4 is the next in the family. More spacious and comfortable to enjoy the sea, but still agile and comfortable to move or transport.

• 3,40 m - Length

• 1,70 m - Width

• 24 l - Fuel Tank

• 4 - Pax

• 25 CV - Maximum Power

• 155 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.2

The Zodiac Open 4.2 incorporates a tilting console, capacity for 2 more passengers and an increased fuel tank. But it is still very easy to winterise, tow and take to the water.

• 4,20 m - Length

• 1,90 m - Width

• 46 l -Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 60 CV - Maximum Power

• 270 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.8

The Zodiac Open 4.8 is the big sister of the MINI OPEN family, with a capacity of 6 passengers but an ideal power to be your ally for adventure sports, diving, or day trips.

• 4,70 m - Length

• 2,05 m - Width

• 46 l - Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 80 CV - Maximum Power

• 305 kg - Weight

Which version do you like best? 

Give us a call.

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Ready to discover the Merry Fisher 795 S2? The most familiar Jeanneau

Ready to discover the Merry Fisher 795 S2? The most familiar Jeanneau

Still not sure which boat you should buy? The new 795 model from Jeanneau has all the features to become a new bestseller for the brand. We give you 5 reasons to buy the new Merry Fisher 795 Series 2

The new 2 series improves its predecessor, with many advantages resulting from the evolution of the design. But without a doubt, these are the 5 reasons why this weekender is among our favourites.

1. New hull

Its new V-shaped hull, stable and voluminous, provides excellent performance making the most of the engine. This results in better maintenance and a reasonable fuel consumption for a boat with these characteristics. The new hull allows a maximum power of 250 HP (in contradistinction to the 200 HP of maximum power of the Series 1).

2. Easy accessibility

In the new model a boarding door to starboard has been placed to access more comfortably on board, making it great when there are children or older family.

3. Comfortable and bright interior

With a length of 7.90 m and a beam of 2.81 m, it is a bright and comfortable boat, with a fully equipped galley and a 100 l water tank.

4. More stowage

With the addition of a large stowage under the pilot's seat.

5. The best version of a family cruiser.

Perfectly adapted to the family cruiser concept, with a large cockpit open to the sea, allowing easy bathing thanks to the aft bathing platform.

In addition, Jeanneau gives you the option of a shower with hot water circuit and the possibility of installing 3 lithium batteries, two improvements that can make your boat your ideal place in the world.

Is the new Merry Fisher the boat you've been waiting for?

Give us a call or send us an email and we will explain more.

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Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.5 WA, el superlujo de diseño deportivo

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.5 WA, el superlujo de diseño deportivo

El nivel de confort de esta embarcación es tal que no echarás de menos ningún lujo que tengas en tierra. Con 11.90 mt de eslora, es la hermana mayor de la línea Cap Camarat, de Jeanneau ¿Quieres saber cómo es? Sigue leyendo.

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Hepburn Bio, products to take care of your boat

Hepburn Bio, products to take care of your boat

Today we present HEPBURN BIO, the new range of ecological products to care for, clean and maintain your boat without harming the sea. Biodegradable products for technical cleaning, pipes, interiors, all types of surfaces, kitchen or laundry, which we distribute exclusively in Spain.

Hepburn is a world leader in environmentally sustainable boat cleaning and maintenance solutions. They formulate and manufacture certified eco-friendly, non-toxic products for the general cleaning of your boat's interior and exterior; the maintenance of plumbing and the removal of plumbing blockages and odours; and the laundering of on-board textiles and household goods.

Its super-concentrated products are sold in large-format containers and refillable bottles, reducing both single-use plastics and waste, as well as facilitating savings.

Hepburn is certified by the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and holds the Ecolabel Certificate of Eco-Excellence, which guarantees strict environmental standards throughout the production, distribution and disposal process.

Among their catalogue, you can find products for:

>Technical cleaning - roof and engine rooms

>Pipe cleaning and maintenance

>Interior cleaning

>Specialised products (leather, copper, silver)





Why choose Hepburn Bio Care products to clean and maintain your boat?

> Because they are phosphate free

> They are super-concentrated: you buy product, not water. Plus, you reduce plastic by 60-80% compared to non-concentrated products

> They are non-corrosive and non-flammable

> Non-toxic to marine life since they are 100% biodegradable. Not classified as HAZMAT

Take care of your boat, respect the sea.

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FLITE Series 2: the water sports revolution.

FLITE Series 2: the water sports revolution.

It's here to revolutionise water sports. "Fliteboarding is like flying, we created it to feel the freedom," says Flite founder David Trewern.

David Trewern is a former world record holder in kitesurfing. So when he started thinking about a revolutionary product, he had to have it all. And he created a hydrofoil with an electric motor, silent, electric and environmentally friendly, that could glide over the surface of the sea: the Fliteboard is here to conquer our beaches.

The Fliteboard is an electric board with a platform that allows you to ride on it and have the sensation of flying over the water, because you float about 70 cm above the water. It has two batteries that last 90 minutes without recharging, a Bluetooth-controlled cruising speed and interchangeable underwater wings to create different riding styles.

Three years after its first launch, Flite is doubling down with the Series 2, which refines the board's design to make it quicker and easier for you to start your flight on the water, or push the limits if you're an experienced athlete.

¿What's improved with Series 2?

>Wireless connectivity has been optimised.

>The handles, latches and canopy grips have been improved.

>Flite have created a low-power controller and an improved charger.

>Low power management has been improved

>New colours and finishes have been added

>Lighting lights are now integrated into the dashboard

>Gps module is improved

>The propeller is now easier to fit and remove

>Aerodynamic improvements

>In addition, Flite has improved battery life and updated the firmware.

The new Series 2 has received numerous awards around the world, including the Red Dot International "Best of the Best" design award and was named "Innovation of the Year" at the Australia by Design competition in 2020.

What are the different models in the Series 2?


The iconic Fliteboard is number 1 in sales. Ideal for beginners, it is the perfect board to share with friends because it quickly adjusts to the athlete. Turn the sea into your personal playground.


With superior responsiveness, the Pro is designed especially for lighter riders with previous board sports experience. Smaller, it is the board for surfers who want to experiment a step further and play dance on the water at high speeds.


Ultra is the world's smallest and most advanced hydrofoil surfboard, the machine that will make you burn adrenaline and release stress. At just 1.2 metres, the reduced swing weight allows you to push your limits.


The lightest, most compact, easy to transport, resistant and suitable for sharing with family and friends: the AIR, 15 cm smaller than the previous one, is a motorised family board, a great addition to any boat.

Available at Ereso!

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New Zodiac e-Open range

New Zodiac e-Open range

The 100% electric tender: the future is already here

The electric revolution has arrived at sea with Zodiac, the most emblematic brand of inflatable and semi-rigid boats, announcing the creation of the eOpen range in collaboration with Torqeedo.

This introduction to the world of electric boats is a glimpse of a new and growing market trend that Zodiac is committed to.

The models chosen for the development of this range are the Zoadiac Open 3.1 and the Zodiac Open 3.4, which will come with the same Torqeedo motor, including batteries and charger.

"We have designed this range for the consumers of today and tomorrow," explains Fanny Revert-Ciavattini, marketing manager at Zodiac. "These 2 new models are 100% electric and meet new customer needs: no maintenance, no noise, no service, less pollution, easy driving and an affordable price. Electric mobility is gaining ground all around us and, as the market leader in RIBs, we cannot afford to lose it," he said.

Torqeedo is the world market leader in electric boat motors and was therefore the ideal partner for Zodiac in this venture. The two companies had already worked together on the eJET with a Torqeedo Deep Blue 50 kW motor and 80 i 50 kWh battery.

The new e-Open range will have 4 boats: 2 colour options for the e-Open 3.1 and 2 colour options for the e-Open 3.4. The new engine guarantees a range of 50 minutes at a speed of 12 knots / 22 kmh.

"We are delighted to be working with Zodiac on their e-OPEN electric RIBs as an iconic and innovative company," says Michael Rummel, Managing Director of Torqeedo GmbH.

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