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Las embarcaciones Voraz llegan a Ereso

Las embarcaciones Voraz llegan a Ereso

Embarcaciones ligeras y muy resistentes, las Voraz son botes extremadamente aerodinámicos y estables. Con modelos para todos los perfiles, incluso sin titulación. Desde la serie 400 a la serie 505, te ofrecemos todos sus modelos para una navegación fácil al alcance de todos.

Una marca nacional, Voraz, se ha hecho un espacio entre las grandes del sector. Y es que este astillero de Almería, ha creado embarcaciones robustas y bien diseñadas, adaptable y segura para cualquier actividad en el mar.

¿Y cuáles son las características de todas las embarcaciones Voraz? Gran estabilidad, extrema fortaleza y la garantía de ser insumergibles.

Entre el más sencillo Voraz 385 Bote para un paseo estable a pocos metros de la costa, con poco peso, hasta la Voraz 505 Cabinada donde encuentras todo el confort y la protección o resguardo de su cabina, se encuentra una gama práctica y de muy buena relación calidad-precio, en la que podrás elegir entre 6 opciones.

Destacamos la VORAZ 505 OPEN, embarcación abierta de líneas modernas con proa alzada, inspirada en su antecesora la VORAZ 450, y que dispone de una gran bañera, por lo que se puede adaptar a la pesca costera y como embarcación de paseo.

Y si quieres una versión para ser pilotada sin titulación, la VORAZ 500 OPEN, con homologación C y las siguientes características:

-Consola amplia, para albergar todo tipo de equipos.

-Cofre en bañera, con estiba con desagüe para almacenar víveres o capturas de pesca

-Plataformas de baño integradas en espejo de popa

-Carena evolutiva con diseño para navegación segura y estable

-Proa alzada con espacio interior para colocar solarium


Eslora: 4,99 m

Manga: 2,21 m

Puntal: 1,05 m

Calado: 0,26 m

Nº de Personas: 6

Carga máxima: 527 kg

Motorización máxima: 95 CV

Homologación: C (insumergible)


Púlpitos proa y respaldo asiento popa

Cáncamo de arrastre en proa y popa

Roldana de proa

3 cornamusas acero inox.

Tambuchos con cierre

Cofre para estiba en suelo bañera

Pozo de ancla autovaciante

Luces de navegación y de bañera

Bocina eléctrica y toma 12 v

Bomba de achique automática

2 cañeros empotrados plástico

Consola dirección mecánica y volante

Defensa pasamanos ac. inox. en consola

Asiento cofre con respaldo abatible

Porta objetos laterales

Popa eje largo


Recibiremos las Voraz en las próximas semanas en nuestra tienda de Ibiza. Reserva tu cita enviándonos un mail, el formulario de contacto de la web o llamándonos por teléfono.

Más información sobre nuestros modelos Voraz.

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Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.5 WA, el superlujo de diseño deportivo

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.5 WA, el superlujo de diseño deportivo
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Ready to discover the Merry Fisher 795 S2? The most familiar Jeanneau

Ready to discover the Merry Fisher 795 S2? The most familiar Jeanneau

Still not sure which boat you should buy? The new 795 model from Jeanneau has all the features to become a new bestseller for the brand. We give you 5 reasons to buy the new Merry Fisher 795 Series 2

The new 2 series improves its predecessor, with many advantages resulting from the evolution of the design. But without a doubt, these are the 5 reasons why this weekender is among our favourites.

1. New hull

Its new V-shaped hull, stable and voluminous, provides excellent performance making the most of the engine. This results in better maintenance and a reasonable fuel consumption for a boat with these characteristics. The new hull allows a maximum power of 250 HP (in contradistinction to the 200 HP of maximum power of the Series 1).

2. Easy accessibility

In the new model a boarding door to starboard has been placed to access more comfortably on board, making it great when there are children or older family.

3. Comfortable and bright interior

With a length of 7.90 m and a beam of 2.81 m, it is a bright and comfortable boat, with a fully equipped galley and a 100 l water tank.

4. More stowage

With the addition of a large stowage under the pilot's seat.

5. The best version of a family cruiser.

Perfectly adapted to the family cruiser concept, with a large cockpit open to the sea, allowing easy bathing thanks to the aft bathing platform.

In addition, Jeanneau gives you the option of a shower with hot water circuit and the possibility of installing 3 lithium batteries, two improvements that can make your boat your ideal place in the world.

Is the new Merry Fisher the boat you've been waiting for?

Give us a call or send us an email and we will explain more.

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New Zodiac Mini Open

New Zodiac Mini Open

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: the smallest of the Zodiac Open range. Handy, versatile and extremely safe. At an irresistible mini price.

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: Zodiac's new MiniOpen range offers you everything that's good about Zodiac, with more affordable and manageable models. Perfect as a dinghy, but also for outings, fishing or for use as a support tender for water sports.

These are the 3.1, 3.4, 4.2 and 4.8 models, the new Zodiac water toys, easy to tow, store and manoeuvre in the water. A real Zodiac at a Mini price.

What makes them interesting?

• Large fuel tank: you can make long journeys, without suffering from running low on fuel.

• Minimum 4 seats: small but spacious.

• Sporty look: with sporty design and up to date accessories.

• Easy to store: You won't have trouble finding a place to keep it ready for towing.

• Easy to tow: you don't need a big vehicle to move it.

• Available in PVC or Neoprene: you can choose between two varieties, depending on your tastes or needs.

OPEN 3.1

The Zodiac Open 3.1 is the smallest of the range, a very compact RIB with capacity for up to 4 people. With a 2-seater rear bench, side seat and front cushion and plenty of stowage space.

3,10 m - Length

1,65 m - Width

24 l - Fuel Tank

4 - Pax

25 CV - Maximum Power

135 kg - Weight

OPEN 3.4

The Zodiac Open 3.4 is the next in the family. More spacious and comfortable to enjoy the sea, but still agile and comfortable to move or transport.

• 3,40 m - Length

• 1,70 m - Width

• 24 l - Fuel Tank

• 4 - Pax

• 25 CV - Maximum Power

• 155 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.2

The Zodiac Open 4.2 incorporates a tilting console, capacity for 2 more passengers and an increased fuel tank. But it is still very easy to winterise, tow and take to the water.

• 4,20 m - Length

• 1,90 m - Width

• 46 l -Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 60 CV - Maximum Power

• 270 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.8

The Zodiac Open 4.8 is the big sister of the MINI OPEN family, with a capacity of 6 passengers but an ideal power to be your ally for adventure sports, diving, or day trips.

• 4,70 m - Length

• 2,05 m - Width

• 46 l - Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 80 CV - Maximum Power

• 305 kg - Weight

Which version do you like best? 

Give us a call.

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Nautica Ereso, we are from the sea

Nautica Ereso, we are from the sea

In Ereso we live, feel and breathe to the rhythm of the sea. Our life is the sea, which we contact from land, for almost 100 years. Do you know our story?

In the world, there are two types of people: those who are from the sea and those who are not.

To be from the sea is to adore the smell of salt and the sound of the waves battering. To be from the sea

is to find in it the freedom which lacks on land. Scan the horizon looking for whales or dolphins and

record the sound of the sea on your mobile to remember it when you are far away. Carrying your diving

goggles, fins or the surfboard always ready in the car, getting to the beach first or leaving last, sleeping

in a cabin on a boat as in the best luxury hotel and taking out your fishing rod simply for the pleasure of

letting the hours go by.

At Náutica Ereso, since Francisco Costa opened the first store in 1925, we have been from the sea. It was

he who, after sailing around the world as a merchant seaman, was the first pilot in the port of Ibiza. So it

made sense for him to create the island's first nautical equipment shop, supplying paint and spare parts

to the sailors of the Pityusic islands.

Four generations of the Costa family have passed through Náutica Ereso: we have grown up supplying

nautical equipment to Ibizans, to visitors in love with the island who return time and time again, or to the

sporadic tourist.

Ereso is the place to find everything you need to enjoy the sea:

From daily cruisers to recreational boats, engines and spare parts, classic or new generation water sports

equipment, deck life equipment or textile stuff to give a new look to the cabins. At Ereso, we know the

sea and the equipment you need for any sport, whether traditional or innovative: the ideal wetsuit to go

down to observe the marine life of the Pityusic islands, the perfect fishing rod for a winter afternoon or

the surfboard you should choose, whether you are a beginner or not.

Therefore, if you are from the sea you surely will return to Ereso.

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