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Náutica Ereso joins the Jobe family to bring a wide range of water sports products to Ibiza. Since 2018, we have been distributors of the brand and its philosophy. Their passion for sport can be seen in the quality of every detail. 

We want you to have fun, to enjoy the absolute freedom that sport at sea offers, to discover fascinating places, we want to excite you, and also make you feel the adrenaline rush. We want to achieve all of this with the wide range of Jobe products. Join our family and discover them all!


Our passion for the sea makes us feel the need to offer our customers the best quality and the best brands.

Cressi, the Italian brand dedicated to scuba diving, has been with us since the beginning.

They are a world reference and one of the leaders in the sector. Its constant development and innovation makes Cressi the perfect choice to practice our favorite water sport: diving, free diving, snorkeling or swimming. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find the product that suits you best. 

More than 70 years dedicated to the world of diving, their professionalism and great experience makes Mares offer one of the widest and newest ranges practice of diving, snorkeling, apnea and spearfishing.

The quality of Mares products allows us to move like fish in water and live an endless number of adventures. Its large international community of ambassadors shows their commitment.

Ropes and Anchorage

It is one of the most important aspects of the marine industry, hence why we pay special attention to it. We always work with the best national and international suppliers of ropes and chains. We have a wide range to cover the needs of your boat.


Helly Hansen, the number one Norwegian brand of technical clothing for skiing, sailing and mountaineering, makes its way to Ibiza. 140 years of innovations guarantee this leading brand in the market, from the first PVC waterproof layer to their Lifaloft technology, from sailing boots to their first technical base layers (LIFA) technology. 

Helly Hansen brings us the best technical clothing for professionals but also the best quality streetwear with a very careful design so you can enjoy every season wearing one of the best brands in the sector. 

Musto is a world leader in sailing and their clothes are fulfilled with British character and style. Their clothing, footwear, luggage and accessories are precisely designed so you can perform your best in all kind of places and conditions. One of the most important features of the brand is the great durability of all of its gear in extreme conditions. We can enjoy Musto garments for more than 20 years.

Marine Electronics

What would become of us without electronics and their advances? Electronics provide us with greater safety on board, allow us to be connected and makes life easier on board. Due to the importance it has in our daily life we have created a whole specialized section for our navigators. Thereby, we put world leader brands such as Garmin, ICOM, Fusion, Powervision, GoPro and Glomex right in your fingertips.

Electric Supply

Lights, camera and action!

Electric cables, batteries, fuses, battery chargers, switches, panels and many more are included in our electricity section. Products and spare parts from the main suppliers in the sector such as Blue Sea, Marinco and Noco.

Correct lighting is essential for our boats, so we bring you a wide range of lights to suit all tastes and needs. 


Marine Business is a company dedicated to the craft and design of nautical accessories to improve comfort on board and household goods. Marine Business started sailing in Barcelona in 1985 and since then it has not stopped innovating in order to offer you carefully designed high quality products.

They have a wide range of products such as tableware, kitchenware, deck furniture, beach towels and many more. We have them all. 

Cleaning and Care

Just as we take care of ourselves, it is important to take care of our boat for optimum performance and longer life. 

We have cleaning products and accessories for all kinds of boats and specific for each of their materials. We know how important it is to use high quality cleaning products and that is why we only work with the brands that give the best results.

Paints and Varnishes

This section specializes in advanced coatings and varnishes for boats. Weather and sea conditions burn and erode the paint and materials on our boats. 

All the products we offer are designed to provide long-term protection for objects exposed to extreme environmental conditions.


All the necessary accessories for sailing boats and yachts. Zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes, shackles, carabiners, webbing, thimbles, cleats, handrails, hinges, locks and hatches. 


In the same way that we care about the optimal functioning your boat, its care and having the highest quality accessories, we also care a lot about your safety on board. 

It is essential to always have all the necessary material and ensure our rescue equipment, vests and flares are made out of the best materials.

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