New Zodiac Mini Open

New Zodiac Mini Open

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: the smallest of the Zodiac Open range. Handy, versatile and extremely safe. At an irresistible mini price.

The "mini all-rounder" of the sea have arrived: Zodiac's new MiniOpen range offers you everything that's good about Zodiac, with more affordable and manageable models. Perfect as a dinghy, but also for outings, fishing or for use as a support tender for water sports.

These are the 3.1, 3.4, 4.2 and 4.8 models, the new Zodiac water toys, easy to tow, store and manoeuvre in the water. A real Zodiac at a Mini price.

What makes them interesting?

• Large fuel tank: you can make long journeys, without suffering from running low on fuel.

• Minimum 4 seats: small but spacious.

• Sporty look: with sporty design and up to date accessories.

• Easy to store: You won't have trouble finding a place to keep it ready for towing.

• Easy to tow: you don't need a big vehicle to move it.

• Available in PVC or Neoprene: you can choose between two varieties, depending on your tastes or needs.

OPEN 3.1

The Zodiac Open 3.1 is the smallest of the range, a very compact RIB with capacity for up to 4 people. With a 2-seater rear bench, side seat and front cushion and plenty of stowage space.

3,10 m - Length

1,65 m - Width

24 l - Fuel Tank

4 - Pax

25 CV - Maximum Power

135 kg - Weight

OPEN 3.4

The Zodiac Open 3.4 is the next in the family. More spacious and comfortable to enjoy the sea, but still agile and comfortable to move or transport.

• 3,40 m - Length

• 1,70 m - Width

• 24 l - Fuel Tank

• 4 - Pax

• 25 CV - Maximum Power

• 155 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.2

The Zodiac Open 4.2 incorporates a tilting console, capacity for 2 more passengers and an increased fuel tank. But it is still very easy to winterise, tow and take to the water.

• 4,20 m - Length

• 1,90 m - Width

• 46 l -Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 60 CV - Maximum Power

• 270 kg - Weight

OPEN 4.8

The Zodiac Open 4.8 is the big sister of the MINI OPEN family, with a capacity of 6 passengers but an ideal power to be your ally for adventure sports, diving, or day trips.

• 4,70 m - Length

• 2,05 m - Width

• 46 l - Fuel tank

• 6 - Pax

• 80 CV - Maximum Power

• 305 kg - Weight

Which version do you like best? 

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