Nautica Ereso, we are from the sea

Nautica Ereso, we are from the sea

In Ereso we live, feel and breathe to the rhythm of the sea. Our life is the sea, which we contact from land, for almost 100 years. Do you know our story?

In the world, there are two types of people: those who are from the sea and those who are not.

To be from the sea is to adore the smell of salt and the sound of the waves battering. To be from the sea

is to find in it the freedom which lacks on land. Scan the horizon looking for whales or dolphins and

record the sound of the sea on your mobile to remember it when you are far away. Carrying your diving

goggles, fins or the surfboard always ready in the car, getting to the beach first or leaving last, sleeping

in a cabin on a boat as in the best luxury hotel and taking out your fishing rod simply for the pleasure of

letting the hours go by.

At Náutica Ereso, since Francisco Costa opened the first store in 1925, we have been from the sea. It was

he who, after sailing around the world as a merchant seaman, was the first pilot in the port of Ibiza. So it

made sense for him to create the island's first nautical equipment shop, supplying paint and spare parts

to the sailors of the Pityusic islands.

Four generations of the Costa family have passed through Náutica Ereso: we have grown up supplying

nautical equipment to Ibizans, to visitors in love with the island who return time and time again, or to the

sporadic tourist.

Ereso is the place to find everything you need to enjoy the sea:

From daily cruisers to recreational boats, engines and spare parts, classic or new generation water sports

equipment, deck life equipment or textile stuff to give a new look to the cabins. At Ereso, we know the

sea and the equipment you need for any sport, whether traditional or innovative: the ideal wetsuit to go

down to observe the marine life of the Pityusic islands, the perfect fishing rod for a winter afternoon or

the surfboard you should choose, whether you are a beginner or not.

Therefore, if you are from the sea you surely will return to Ereso.